Treasure Hunt Cambridge

Turn your day into a family adventure

Find hidden historical treasures and see new stuff, even if you've lived here your whole life. It's something a bit different and fun for you and the family.

Follow treasure maps and solve clues that'll even keep your teenagers engaged! They're tricky enough for the adults to make it exciting, but just on the right side of challenging for younger ones to get involved.

Treasure Hunt Cambridge

Solve cryptic clues and follow treasure maps.

A dotted path where X marks the spot
The magnificent Kings College in the sunshine

Take a carefully designed route around Cambridge. You'll pass ancient colleges, explore pretty side-streets, discover the leafy riverside and the Backs.

See the main attractions like King's College and The Corpus Clock. Spot things other people don't notice like Newton's apple tree, standing in plain sight.

Hear interesting stories like how the Catherine Wheel got its name.

A family walking through the streets of Cambridge

Go at your own pace. Pop into tea shops or enjoy a picnic at the Backs, by the river. Take your time.

Play in your own group. It's private and self-guided so you can avoid big groups.

Suitable for kids age 8+ | Adult help required

Treasure Hunt Cambridge will keep you and your family entertained, leading you on a beautiful walk and giving you quality time together.

A family inspecting a piece of machinery on a treasure hunt

Great family activity!”

Took the kids for the treasure hunt while their mum shopped. They loved it, the clues and hints made sure they were never frustrated and it was just about the right amount of walking for my 7 year old.

Chris H, Tripadvisor

Absolutely fantastic!!”

So much fun, and an incredibly well though-out course. The riddles and clues were great, and we had a lovely time! Would definitely recommend to everybody.

Maria, Tripadvisor

It works like WhatsApp,
so it’s easy to use

You don’t need to download or print anything and it doesn’t need any permissions.

Plus, you get to start when you want.

1. Follow maps 🧭

Bess sends you a series of treasure maps, leading you around Cambridge.

The clues and maps are a lot of fun.
This is a great way to see the city!”

Captain Bess Now for a change of scene, let's head down by the river...

2. Search for answers 🔎

Bess sends you a series of clues and you have to search the city for answers.

Good banter from Captain Bess who sends you the clues!”

Captain Bess A family firm,
who slowly became
Forgotten and faded,
what was their name?

Black Beard Beth Jones?

Captain Bess Nay, yer askin' to be walkin' the plank!

Long Joe Silver Wills?

Captain Bess Aye! That's it!

3. Learn some facts 🎓

Along the way, Bess will tell you a few interesting facts and stories about the things you're spotting in Cambridge!”

We learnt new things and actually appreciated the beautiful scenery as we went around the city.

Captain Bess It's a fire insurance mark, to show the firemen ye've paid yer dues! If not, they'd stand by 'n' watch yer house burn, imagine that!

4. Play together 👨‍👩‍👦

Captain Bess will invite you all to join the hunt!

We had such a laugh and a great day out!

Captain Bess Ahoy there! Ye must be the one they're talking about. Lookin' to join me ship, the Rising Pearl?

Buccaneer Beth Yes!

Captain Bess Ye'll be needin' help, have ye a crew?

Lianne Pinkbeard joined the game.

Parrot Pete 🦜 joined the game.

Parrot Pete Arrrrrrr!

Lianne Pinkbeard I'm ready to set sail! ⚓️

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A different way to see Cambridge

A treasure hunt is more like a game than a traditional tour. You have to follow treasure maps, solve cryptic clues and keep your eyes peeled to find the answers.

You’ll have some banter with our friendly pirate Captain Bess. She’ll put you in your place if you get too many answers wrong!

Take your time, go at your own pace

You can start when you like, there’s no fixed start time. You can even finish the next day if you get stuck in a nice pub!

Fancy popping into an ancient pub along the way? Enjoy! Take it at your own pace. There are plenty of pretty cafes and good pubs along the way.

Play on your own terms. It's just you and your team, like a private tour.

Well designed and great fun”

It’s great to run through it at your own pace and take breaks as a when needed. Also offered up some very interesting bits of history as you are going around as well. Would recommend anyone to give this a go.

Lardo1975, Tripadvisor

Start playing in 60 seconds

It’s all on your phones, there’s nothing to print or collect.

Book online and you’ll get a link to start your game straight away.

You can rearrange or cancel

We’re flexible. If you change your mind or if Cambridge, play another day or cancel for free.

Fun or your money back

We think you're going love Treasure Hunt Cambridge!

If you don't have fun, we promise to give your money back. We'll ask for a quick chat on the phone to understand what went wrong.

You'll see the best of Cambridge 🧭

No spoilers... You'll see the famous colleges and the main sights, but the real fun is spotting details you'd normally walk past.

Profile picture of Alan M, Tripadvisor

We absolutely loved this!”

It was well organised and great value for money! In particular it allowed us to explore areas of Cambridge that we otherwise would not have visited. We were able to complete the challenge in our own time and left plenty of time for some drinks and food along the way. We would definitely recommend to give this a go!!

Alan M, Tripadvisor

King’s College Chapel - the iconic gothic chapel and oldest surviving building within the College.

The magnificent Kings College in the sunshine

Senate House - where graduation has been held for the past 300 years.

Great St Mary’s Church - this beautiful church dates back to 1205 and the top of its tower offers fantastic panoramic views.

Market Square - stalls have been trading at this historic market square since the middle ages!

Traders setting up shop in Cambridge Market Square

The Corpus Clock - a mesmerising and intriguing sculpture of a grasshopper eating away at time.

Trinity, Catharine’s and Queens College - just three of the many prestigious colleges of the University of Cambridge you’ll discover on this tour.

The rooftops of Cambridge

Mathematical Bridge - one of the most recognisable and interesting structures on the Cam, this timber footbridge has a rich history.

The fascinating Mathematical bridge connecting Queens’ College over the River Cam

The Backs - a peaceful and picturesque stretch where several of the colleges back on to the River Cam.

A view over the River Cam, with punters in the sunshine.

The Round Church - at 900 years old, this church predates Newton and Darwin, the Colleges and the University!

The ancient Round Church, just one of the stops on Treasure Hunt Cambridge

By the end, you'll have covered Cambridge's compact city centre. You've probably spotted a pub or two you'd like to revisit!

What if it rains? 

If it's patchy rain, you can pop into a cafe or a pub along the route, it's flexible.

If it's looking really wet and you want to play a different day, that's fine. Or split it over two days.

If it's pouring and you don't fancy wading through flooded cobblestones, we’ll give your money back, even if you've started the game.

Will it be too difficult?

Don't worry! The treasure hunt has some tricky clues, but if you get stuck you can ask for a hint.

We make sure you don't get completely stuck, lost in a labyrinth of ancient colleges...

Will I have fun if I'm from Cambridge?

Yes! You already know the city, but we bet you'll notice things you've walked past a hundred times before.

We've worked hard to find the less-obvious stuff - beyond the typical blue plaques - and some interesting stories and anecdotes. You're going to have a great time!

Suitable for ages 8+

The game is designed for adults and curious kids aged 8 and up.

A family perched on a sculpture playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Younger ones are welcome though you may have to help by interpreting the clues and Captain Bess' pirate speak.

The whole route is pushchair friendly, avoiding steps or showing step-free alternative routes.

We’re a family of four with a 13 year old and a 11 year old. Mum was map reader, dad reminded kids about clues, and kids were hunting for clues.”

—Lexie, Tripadvisor

Great family activity!”

Took the kids for the treasure hunt while their mum shopped. They loved it, the clues and hints made sure they were never frustrated and it was just about the right amount of walking for my 7 year old.

Chris H, Tripadvisor

Will it be too physical?

It's 2½ miles walking but there are cafes and pubs to rest along the way.

Ready for a different way to see Cambridge?

  • Just £9.99 per person and 15 and under go free!
  • 1½–2½ hours of quality outdoor family fun.
  • Enjoy a pushchair friendly, beautiful route.
  • See the best of Cambridge!

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“So much fun, and an incredibly well though-out course. The riddles and clues were great, and we had a lovely time! Would definitely recommend to everybody.”

—Maria, Tripadvisor

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