We’ve designed Treasure Hunt Cambridge to be step-free around the whole route. However there is one point where this wasn’t possible:

Corner of Botolph Lane and Free School lane

You’ll have to drop off a raised kerb onto the road on the corner Free School Lane and Botolph Lane.

How you must dismount the kerb on Free School Lane

There’s no dropped curb on the opposite pavement either, so you must carry along on the road. It’s a quiet road with little to no traffic, but please beware of cyclists.

Proceeding along Botolph Lane

We’ve raised a request with the council to install a dropped curb.

Pub stops

The recommended pubs at half-way and at the end of the game have step-free front access and an accessible toilet.

“So much fun, and an incredibly well though-out course. The riddles and clues were great, and we had a lovely time! Would definitely recommend to everybody.”

—Maria, Tripadvisor

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Colleges And Courtyards starts from:
Great St Mary's Church, Senate House Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3PQ