We’re ALL goin' on a Summer Holiday

Posted on August 1, 2023

A group of friends playing treasure hunt

The UK is BURSTING with amazing places, people and things to do. Having a Great British adventure this summer? With Treasure Hunt Cambridge you’ll see some of the best bits, and hidden gems that Cambridge has to offer. Whether you’re travelling for miles or minutes, grab your shipmates and keep reading!

With so much to see in Cambridge it can be hard to make sure you’re not missing out. Our routes have been cleverly designed and playtested to guide you to the best spots, from tourist highlights to local hangouts, you and your crew are sure to uncover some real treasures.

How does it work? ☠️

It’s designed for adults, so you’ll have a laugh together. If you’re adventuring with a large crew, we recommend splitting into smaller groups and seeing who can solve the final clue first! (after a few refreshment breaks along the way of course!) Captain Bess, our bossy pirate leader, sends cryptic clues, and treasure maps to your phone, shipmates work together to solve the clues and discover the next part of the journey. Ages 8+ are welcome too if you want to make a family day of it!

An illustration of how Treasure Hunt Cambridge works

Adventures wherever you go! 🗺️

Did you know Captain Bess has tours all across the UK? Wherever you’re going in the UK this summer, there might just be a Treasure Hunt tour nearby! See our other cities here.

🍹Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot?🍹

Whether you’ve lucked out and the sun is shining on fair Cambridge, or the rain is dampening play, fear not! Treasure Hunt Cambridge takes you past some excellent pubs and cafes, you can stop whenever you want to, grab a drink and cool down (or dry off! ☔) There’s no need to rush, take your time and enjoy it, grab some selfies, go viral on tik tok- you’ve got time!

As well as the best hidden gems, the route goes round some of the must-see sights of Cambridge including:

King’s College Chapel - the iconic gothic chapel and oldest surviving building within the College.

The magnificent Kings College in the sunshine

Senate House - where graduation has been held for the past 300 years.

Great St Mary’s Church - this beautiful church dates back to 1205 and the top of its tower offers fantastic panoramic views.

Market Square - stalls have been trading at this historic market square since the middle ages!

Traders setting up shop in Cambridge Market Square

The Corpus Clock - a mesmerising and intriguing sculpture of a grasshopper eating away at time.

Trinity, Catharine’s and Queens College - just three of the many prestigious colleges of the University of Cambridge you’ll discover on this tour.

The rooftops of Cambridge

Mathematical Bridge - one of the most recognisable and interesting structures on the Cam, this timber footbridge has a rich history.

The fascinating Mathematical bridge connecting Queens’ College over the River Cam

The Backs - a peaceful and picturesque stretch where several of the colleges back on to the River Cam.

A view over the River Cam, with punters in the sunshine.

The Round Church - at 900 years old, this church predates Newton and Darwin, the Colleges and the University!

The ancient Round Church, just one of the stops on Treasure Hunt Cambridge

By the end of the game, you’ll have unearthed the treasures of Cambridge and know which areas you’d like to come back to.

“So much fun, and an incredibly well though-out course. The riddles and clues were great, and we had a lovely time! Would definitely recommend to everybody.”

—Maria, Tripadvisor


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Colleges And Courtyards starts from:
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